Davina Ocansey Davina Ocansey

Davina Ocansey

Senior Recruitment Consultant

"Working in healthcare allows me to give back to the wider community by providing a service that effects lives for the better."​Get to...

Duncan Grant Duncan Grant

Duncan Grant

Recruitment Consultant

"I enjoy working closely with clients and candidates; to pinpoint their problems and to help identify and implement effectual staffing solutions."​

Erin Cox Erin Cox

Erin Cox

Recruitment Consultant

Entering the recruitment industry was a natural progression for Erin, driven by a desire to merge her medical science background with a passion for networking and to help others achieving their career aspirations.With a Bachelor's degree in Medical Science specialising in Pathology and a Diploma in Business Administration, Erin possess...

Francesca Strange Francesca Strange

Francesca Strange

Specialist Manager

"I have a passion and personal interest in the Healthcare industry which I use to expand my knowledge."​​Get to kno...

Gemma Staddon Gemma Staddon

Gemma Staddon

Specialist Manager

"The opportunity to learn innovative and life changing products as well as helping people find their perfect job seemed like a perfect match."​

Dr Glenn Carter Dr Glenn Carter

Dr Glenn Carter

Founder & Managing Director

"It is very rewarding knowing that, by working across all areas of healthcare, we are enhancing the lives of patients, families and communities across Australia."​<...

Jenn Bowder Jenn Bowder

Jenn Bowder

Recruitment Consultant

"Helping great candidates find a role which suits their own needs and will positively contribute to the lives and wellbeing of others."​

Jo Williams Jo Williams

Jo Williams

Senior Contracting Specialist

"I am able to assist people with improving the health and lives of others and especially with treatments of conditions close to me and and my family."​

Karen Newcombe (nee Forgie) Karen Newcombe (nee Forgie)

Karen Newcombe (nee Forgie)

Specialist Manager

"I enjoy working with candidates and clients who are truly passionate about making an impact on patient's lives."Get to know Karen...

Kelly-Ann Turner Kelly-Ann Turner

Kelly-Ann Turner

Recruitment Consultant

"I was struck by the potential of utilising my skills to assist exceptional candidates in finding positions in organisations that prioritise community health."Get to know Kelly-Ann better...

Laura Longstaff Laura Longstaff

Laura Longstaff


​"I believe we really look after and nurture our people, and within that everybody's given the freedom to create their own career path and supported to do so."​

Louise Casagrande Louise Casagrande

Louise Casagrande

Multimedia Manager

"I never imagined my skills with automation and design were able to enhance people's lives in so many ways..."​

Maddy Rhodes-Laird Maddy Rhodes-Laird

Maddy Rhodes-Laird

Senior Recruitment Consultant

"Working in healthcare allows me to feel I am doing my small part to make the world a healthier and better place!"

Madeleine Byrnes Madeleine Byrnes

Madeleine Byrnes

Senior Recruitment Consultant

​Maddy Byrnes was drawn to the recruitment industry by the prospect of facilitating connections that empower individuals to realise their full potential. Her affinity for the healthcare field stems from its profound impact on people's lives, recognising it as a platform where professionals can directly contribute to bettering so...

Marion Ludeking Marion Ludeking

Marion Ludeking

Divisional Manager

"The industry we work in really is fascinating and most importantly, it impacts our friends, colleagues, loved ones and ourselves."<...

Michelle Vermaak Michelle Vermaak

Michelle Vermaak

Divisional Manager

"Working in healthcare means purpose, accountability and making a difference. I love that I get to learn new things each day and work with clients and candidates who's main focus is on the best outcome for the patient. It's an innovative and fascinatin...

Natalia Fiocca Natalia Fiocca

Natalia Fiocca

Senior Specialist Manager

“It is a privilege to be part of ANZ’s Healthcare Industry! Assisting professionals and companies as they advance their career & business footprint, which in turn contributes to positive patient and community outcomes.”

Owen Smith Owen Smith

Owen Smith

Contracting Services Recruitment Lead

​"There's a sense of satisfaction when a suitable placement is made with an organisation and an individual that aligns for both of the culture and career wise."

Rachele Sinclair Rachele Sinclair

Rachele Sinclair

Divisional Manager

​Rachele Sinclair brings a wealth of experience in operations and people management, spanning 15 years. Her journey into recruitment was fuelled by a deep-rooted passion for serving the medical industry and aiding Healthcare Professionals in their mission of delivering care to those in need. Motivated by the intricacies of the h...

Rebecca O'Reilly Rebecca O'Reilly

Rebecca O'Reilly

Recruitment Consultant

​Rebecca O'Reilly found her calling in the industry after years as a pharmacy technician left her yearning for more growth opportunities. Thanks to the encouraging nudge from her now-manager, Rachele Sinclair, she embarked on a journey to blend her healthcare expertise with the vibrant world of recruitment.With a hea...

Sharon Farrell Sharon Farrell

Sharon Farrell

Recruitment Consultant

Sharon Farrell is driven by her passion for forging meaningful connections with individuals. With nine years of experience in the healthcare industry, Sharon's journey into recruitment was fuelled by her desire to make a difference in people's careers. Armed with a Pharmacy degree and a deep understanding of the challenges and rewards within ...

Sandra Louey Sandra Louey

Sandra Louey

Senior Recruitment Consultant

​"...there is a great deal of job satisfaction when you have placed a doctor into a community that has been desperately looking for someone for years."

Tamara El Husseini Tamara El Husseini

Tamara El Husseini

Recruitment Consultant

"I have always had an innate passion about helping others and building relationship with people which are two of many critical factors in recruitment..."