Louise Casagrande
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Louise Casagrande

Multimedia Manager - Marketing & Brand - Internal Support

As a Multimedia Manager, I manage and maintain HPG's website and social media channels, as well as provide assistance with organisation's Tech Stack and automations.

In my role at HPG, I focus on supporting all consultants and internal team member’s goals by developing and designing across all platforms such as website and social media channels, client presentations, job and brand advertising, video graphics, internal and external promotional collateral and merchandising. 

I apply my marketing and design skills to deliver key communication campaigns targeting thousands of healthcare professionals and organisations across Australia, ultimately connecting HPG’s consultant experts to outstanding candidates for critical healthcare sector jobs.

My background is in Digital Marketing and Strategic Design, with a Bachelor of Digital Design (with Honours), and a Diploma of Business specialised in Digital Marketing. I also have short course qualifications in Photography, HTML5, and Adobe After Effects.

  • Business Support Services Marketing and Brand