Owen Smith
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Owen Smith

Contracting Services Recruitment Lead

"There's a sense of satisfaction when a suitable placement is made with an organisation and an individual that aligns for both of the culture and career wise."

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"...it seemed like a natural next step in my career."

Why did you decide to enter the recruitment industry?

I decided to delve into the recruitment industry because I saw it as a natural progression in my career path. The thrill of making a successful placement that aligns both the organisation and the individual in terms of culture and career development is a satisfying experience. Additionally, I relish the opportunity to interact with a diverse range of people and hone my interpersonal skills.

What was it about healthcare that appealed to you?

What intrigues me about the healthcare sector is that every role, no matter how seemingly insignificant, contributes to the ultimate goal of providing quality care to patients.

"It was quite a challenge but felt like a significant achievement..."

Tell us about your most memorable role placement. What were the challenges and achievements?

Matching a candidate with a combined orthodontic and sales experience role in WA was an arduous task, as such a unique combination is scarcely found in the job market. After reaching out to over 85 potential candidates via LinkedIn Recruiter, Seek, and our database, I engaged with over 20 of them and finally secured a suitable candidate after two months. The successful placement felt like a massive achievement due to the sheer amount of time and effort expended on the search and the discovery of an ideal candidate.

What education background do you have that helps you with your current job?

My educational background includes a bachelor's degree in Political Science and HR courses, and I have also undergone several HR and recruitment training within various organisations. These academic achievements have provided me with the necessary knowledge and skills to perform effectively in my current role.

Why a client or candidate should work with you?

A client or candidate should opt to partner with me due to my innate ability to understand their respective requirements and expectations. My resourcefulness and doggedness enable me to conduct an exhaustive search until the perfect match is found. Furthermore, I am a highly adaptable, flexible, and easy-to-work-with consultant, which makes for a fruitful and enjoyable working relationship.

Specialising in

  • Learning and Development
  • Marketing
  • Sales
  • ​Late last year Owen assisted me in interviews and, I was successful in being awarded the role. I want to extend my sincere thanks for all that Owen did to support me through the rapid-fire rounds of interviews: his steady assistance, positive attitude and sense of humour really helped me in that time. I appreciate Owen picked up the reigns on short notice and I was super impressed with his manner.

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    Digital Content Manager , Global Pharmaceutical Company