Owen Smith
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Owen Smith

Contracting Services Recruitment Lead - Internal Support

I focus on all roles as I lead our contracting recruitment function. I liaise with clients, contractors, and internally to help them navigate complex legislative, visa, award, contract, compliance, WHS, and payroll matters.
I pursued a career in the recruitment industry as a natural progression in my professional journey. I find great satisfaction in partnerships with clients and candidates that align organisational needs with individual career development and cultural fit. Additionally, I value the opportunity to engage with a diverse range of professionals, continually refining my interpersonal skills and fostering meaningful connections.

I am intrigued by the healthcare sector because I recognise that every role, regardless of its apparent significance, contributes to the overarching goal of providing quality patient care. My academic background, a bachelor's degree in Political Science, is further enhanced by extensive HR and recruitment experience across different organisations and industries. These qualifications have equipped me with the essential knowledge and skills to excel in my current role.

Clients and candidates choose to partner with me due to my exceptional ability to understand and meet their specific requirements and expectations. Moreover, my resourcefulness, determination, adaptability, flexibility, and approachable nature ensure a productive and enjoyable working relationship.

  • Business Support Services
  • ​Late last year Owen assisted me in interviews and, I was successful in being awarded the role. I want to extend my sincere thanks for all that Owen did to support me through the rapid-fire rounds of interviews: his steady assistance, positive attitude and sense of humour really helped me in that time. I appreciate Owen picked up the reigns on short notice and I was super impressed with his manner.

    Digital Content Manager
    Digital Content Manager , Global Pharmaceutical Company