"I enjoy working with candidates and clients who are truly passionate about making an impact on patient's lives."

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"Healthcare recruitment is where I can make a difference and be a part of something that truly matters."

Why did you decide to enter the recruitment industry?

I didn't just fall into the recruitment industry - I chose it. I'm fascinated by the constant evolution of the industry, and the way innovative products and medical advancements are improving patient outcomes. Healthcare recruitment is where I can make a difference and be a part of something that truly matters.

What was it about healthcare that appealed to you?

I'm drawn to healthcare because it's an industry that is always growing and changing, and it's never stagnant. I enjoy learning about the latest developments and advancements that are making healthcare better for everyone.

What education background do you have that helps you with your current job?

My degree in MA International Relations & Sociology may not seem directly relevant to healthcare recruitment, but it has provided me with valuable skills such as critical thinking, communication, and research, which are essential in my role as a recruiter.

​"I emphasise the importance of emotional intelligence and honesty in communication..."

Why should a client or candidate work with you?

When you work with me, you can expect a high level of professionalism and a personalised approach. I have almost a decade of experience in healthcare recruitment, including both public and private sectors. I emphasise the importance of emotional intelligence and honesty in communication, and I work tirelessly to ensure that candidates and clients are satisfied with the results.

What is Your personal Advice for Candidates?

My advice to candidates is simple: be authentic and clear about what you want. It's important to articulate your experience, motivations, achievements, strengths, and areas of development with confidence and conviction. By being honest and straightforward, you'll increase your chances of finding the perfect match for your skills and goals.

Specialising in

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  • ​I’ve found Karen Forgie particularly responsive, engaging and helpful in all aspects of our recruitment needs. She has sought to understand our needs and specific challenges and tried to find quality candidates that match our vacancies.

    National Sales Manager
    National Sales Manager , Global Pharmaceutical Company
  • ​Karen is an outstanding and professional Recruitment Consultant that personally secured my current position. Having worked with several agents in the past, none came close to the level of service and expertise that Karen provided. She always prepared we with the facts, followed up, I was never kept in the dark, my happiness was always central. She supported my decisions throughout the process. What most stood out for me, was Karen’s honesty and professionalism. Trust is a necessary component between an agent and their client in recruitment. It’s unfortunately not something I have experienced in the past with some other agents, but Karen always delivered upon this virtue. She talks the talk and walks the walk. For this reason, she will always be my first go to person that I will recommend to any colleague, organisation or friend.

    Hospital Sales Rep
    Hospital Sales Rep , Global Pharmaceutical Company
  • ​It’s rare that you come across standout talent like Karen! ‘Ridiculously efficient’ is the phrase that comes to my mind when I think about her.Karen’s ability to juggle multiple projects was unlike any I’ve seen before and no matter how tense I used to be, Karen made sure that she left me with a smile on my face.Karen possesses a deep knowledge of the Pharma industry and work with a wide network of well-qualified individuals. Karen, I can not thank you enough for your support, for believing in me and for helping me start a new chapter of my professional career in less than a month!!

    Hospital Sales Rep
    Hospital Sales Rep , Global Pharmaceutical Company
  • ​Karen is a thorough professional when it comes to recruiting high performing candidates. Karen has helped me immensely during the recruitment process. Her professional approach is only matched by her ingenuity. She dedicates time in building close rapport, understanding candidate’s skill requirements and with her intrinsic knowledge of the market, this makes her an extremely valuable point of contact. I would thus highly recommend Karen for your job search requirement.

    ANS Sales Director
    ANS Sales Director , Global Medical Devices Company