Kelly-Ann finds the healthcare industry incredibly fulfilling because it has the noble objective of improving the well-being of the wider community. Achieving this goal requires a team of exceptional individuals working together towards a shared purpose. 

By connecting talented and motivated candidates with companies driving positive change in the healthcare space, she feels like she is achieving a triple win: helping candidates find fulfilling roles, assisting organisations to meet their objectives, and ultimately contributing to improving society.

Her degree in Health Sciences, with a focus on Nutrition, gives Kelly-Ann a strong foundation in chemistry and biology. She has a genuine interest in the advancements and innovations that her clients in the healthcare industry are pioneering. Because of this, Kelly-Ann is skilled at educating candidates on companies functions and better gauge their interest and compatibility.

Kelly-Ann is passionate about ensuring culture fit is at the core of her recruitment. She wants to best understand her clients, their teams and products ,to ensure the candidates she represents will integrate smoothly into their new team to achieve success for all. 

Specialising in

  • Customer Service
  • Customer Service