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Employing someone new [Advice for Employers]

Employing a candidate who is the right culture fit is important.

The right cultural fit will result in a happier and more connected team.

So how can you assess cultural fit?

Are they a culture fit?

Here’s a few areas to ask questions about during the interview:


How organisations communicate reflects their culture.

What is the candidate’s preferred communication style? Is it formal or informal? Is email preferred or face-to-face via Zoom? Lengthy group meetings or quick video catch-ups? Does their style reflect your team’s style?

Work environment

What’s their experience and preference?

In today’s environment – what are their immediate and longer term expectations. Many people have been working remotely for some time now. Is their preference to continue this full-time, back to the office full-time or a hybrid. What are your plans and expectations? Ask the questions and make sure that you are providing the right environment for your potential new employee.


Is your technology Best Practice or just old?

What will the new employee be expecting? What have they used in the past? Will they be able to do their job with what’s being provided? What training will they require? How interested are they in using different technologies?

Team culture

Will the existing team members get on with the new hire?

How aligned are they in terms of shared motivators, values and beliefs? What are the team energy levels like? What are the candidate’s energy levels like? Is there alignment? Find this out before you sign the offer letter.


Different organisations make decisions in different ways.

Some use facts, others feelings. Some are top-down, others by consensus. How many stakeholders are involved? How are disagreements resolved? What is your organisation’s approach? What has the candidate been used to? How much adaptation is required?

Rewards & Recognition

What is your organisation’s practice?

What’s important to the candidate? Team based rewards or personal rewards? What motivates them to achieve? How do they want to be recognised? It’s important to discuss this, clearly and in detail.

Policies & Procedures

What has the candidate’s previous experience been?

What will they support? What will they challenge? In your organisation is conformance with formal policies expected? Is non-conformance tolerated? And by how much? Can top performers take short-cuts? Is your organisation’s working style aligned to the candidate’s personal preferences?

Societal Values

Find out what’s important to the candidate.

Ask “Why do you work?” “What impact do you want to have?” Examine your organisation’s values – are you making a difference?, advancing society through innovation?’ looking after others?”. Is there alignment between what you can offer and what the candidate is expecting?

Choosing the right candidate to join your organisation is an important decision.

Making sure that what you can offer is aligned to what the candidate is expecting, and is suited for, is critical.