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Why General Practitioners Should Use HPG As Their Recruitment Agent

​​In the dynamic world of healthcare, General Practitioners (GPs) are often seeking pathways to enhance their careers, find fulfilling job openings, and navigate the complex landscape of medical recruitment. That's where Healthcare Professionals Group (HPG) comes into play, offering a bespoke service tailored to the unique needs of doctors. Here's why choosing HPG as your agent is a game-changer for your career in healthcare.

1. Awareness of legislative requirements

Navigating the maze of healthcare legislation while trying to find doctor job openings can be daunting. HPG excels in aligning legislative requirements with your personal career aspirations, ensuring a seamless and compliant progression.

2. Confidentiality in Opportunity

In the search for the next big opportunity in healthcare jobs, confidentiality is key. HPG understands this implicitly, offering a broad spectrum of opportunities—from locum positions to permanent placements—without ever compromising your privacy.

3. Tailored Market Insights for YOU

Whether you're at the beginning of your medical career or looking for a specialised allied health role, HPG provides invaluable market insights tailored to your stage of career. Our in-depth understanding of the healthcare industry's will make you feel empowered to make informed decisions, setting you up for long-term success.

4. Administrative Excellence

Administrative tasks can often overshadow the excitement of a new career opportunity. We help take some of that load off your shoulders, handling 100% of the paperwork, from Medicare provider numbers to exemption applications.

Ready for the Next Step in Your Career?

Partnering with us opens up a world of opportunities, expert guidance, and steadfast support. Our dedication to your success is evident in every action we take, from aligning your career with legislative needs to managing the nitty-gritty of administrative tasks.

To discuss General Practice opportunities phone HPG and speak with: 

Maddy Byrnes
(02) 8877 8703

 Rebecca O' Reilly
(02) 8877 8710

Sharon Farrell
(02) 8877 8701