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Women in Medical Affairs

​“Women in Medical Affairs” is the key topic at this evening’s APPA meeting. Industry leaders: Joy Boulos, Roche; Melinda Munns, BMS; Adelle Kuehn, Astra Zeneca; Brigid Waite, Roche; and Lauren Pasfield, AbbVie share their insights:

  • Spending time on overseas assignments provides personal growth opportunities and requires flexibility and a ‘learning’ mindset.

  • Skills and capabilities that that have been previously useful are not necessarily the skills to move forward.

  • Always asking ‘Why’ improves understanding of where others are coming from.

  • It’s important to focus on what’s important and relevant at different stages of a personal journey.

  • “Vulnerability brings credibility”.

  • Success comes in many different forms and is very personal.

  • Be kind to yourself and be open to your blind spots.

  • Take risks, embrace change.

  • Get a mentor, coach or trusted confidante.

  • “Bringing energy, enthusiasm and an open mindset into a room” is a valued skill.

  • Collaboration is a key skill because of the multiple interactions internally and externally.

  • Working with a range of people increases perspective which enhances personal growth.

  • “Every experience is an opportunity for learning”.

  • Be proactive with regards personal development.

  • “Always grow your skills”

  • When priortising work and personal commitments determine what’s important to you and focus on that.

  • “If you don’t priortise your life someone else will”

  • Self care will make you a better leader.

  • “Say yes to opportunities”

  • “Don’t be afraid to challenge yourself”

Thank you to APPA Australia for organising this very informative and interesting session.

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