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Medical Affairs Webinar

During this afternoon’s webinar Medical Affairs leaders discussed their insights into current and future trends impacting the role of MSLs. Key points discussed included:

There has been a significant increase in the number of ‘Field Medical’ personnel undertaking a range of activities.

More hybrid roles are being created eg MSL/Medical Adviser; patient-focused roles, and diagnostic-focused roles.

There’s growth in digital technologies to engage with HCPs and a greater acceptance of innovation.

Field Medical is assuming an increasingly important leadership role and are developing partnerships across the entire healthcare system.

Companies are investing/realigning additional resources into Field Medical roles and building capabilities.

New skills required include the ability to develop and build partnerships with a variety of stakeholders and to execute partnership projects.

Accountability and measurement are key discussion topics.

Standardised courses for Medical Affairs, which are universally recognised, are being discussed.

Metrics and value measurement/CRM systems should be company/team specific to meet specific needs and objectives (eg connectivity KPIs relative to tiered HCPs)

MSLs need business acumen and the ability to operate tactically and strategically ( ie understanding how their role contributes to an organisation’s objectives)

Innovative companies are involving patients in co-creation projects at all stages of the R&D through to commercialisation process; and this requires a different way of thinking which will ultimately deliver enhanced value to patients.

In many companies both Medical and Commercial are equal partners where both devise the overall strategy, and then each function then develops their own tactics to achieve the overall objectives.

Many thanks to the speakers:
Professor Victoria Elegant
Matthew Britland
Paul Theron
Ajay Tiku

HPG (Healthcare Professionals Group)

Sydney (02) 8877 8777
Melbourne (03) 9938 7100