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Christmas Gift Ideas for residents

Christmas Gift Ideas for residents

It’s that time of year again and while shopping and preparing for Christmas brings about lots of fun and happiness, it can be quite stressful for those buying for elderly family members, in particular, a person with dementia.

Of course we have our go to gifts such as socks, slippers and dressing gowns but

What else is a good option for residents in aged care?

1. Activity books

Large print activity books full of puzzles, crosswords, find-a-words or colour in pages. These activities are a great way to delve into your own little world and stimulate the mind at the same time.

2. Personalised blanket

A beautiful personalised blanket. Most residents in aged care struggle to keep warm and a lovely blanket could prove to be the perfect gift. You could choose a soft fluffy blanket or go for something a little more unique such as a photo blanket or one that features the colours of their favourite sports team.

3. Bluetooth speaker

A Bluetooth speaker and device or CD player with a collection of music from their teenage years and early adulthood. Music is proven to awaken the soul and works wonders for people with dementia.

4. Kindle or audible

For those who have great cognition and good eye sight, a Kindle would make a great gift. For those with poor eyesight, a tablet or iPad with a subscription to Audible would be a cool idea.

5. Large format clock

A large format clock that displays the date, day of the week and time. What makes these clocks extra special is how it shows whether its morning, afternoon or evening.

6. Fidget blanket

A fidget blanket. These are great for people with dementia and provide sensory stimulation and also has a calming effect when a person is feeling anxious or agitated.

7. Sports jersey

Sports jersey. Of course when buying clothes we want comfort to come first but a loose fitting sports jersey is sure to brighten up their day.

8. Digital photo frame

A digital photo frame. Give the joy of photos. A digital photo frame is a great way to spark a conversation at every visit. Each photo has the opportunity to evoke a beautiful memory and provide a talking point. It also helps the care staff get to know the resident by seeing what their life was like and also hearing all the stories that come from these photos being on display.

9. Mist diffuser & oils

A mood mist diffuser and oils. These provide a lovely opportunity to brighten up the room and the mood.

10. In-house voucher

A voucher for the in-house hairdresser because who doesn’t love to have their hair washed?

While we are on the topic of Christmas gifts,
here are a few ideas for your favourite friends and colleagues who work in aged care:

1. Voucher for a massage

A voucher for a massage because we all know they deserve to relax and be pampered.

2. A gift card for new shoes

A gift card for new shoes because they are on their feet all day.

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3. Funky socks

Some funky socks to brighten up their day!!