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The integration of Primary Healthcare Professionals in disaster healthcare

Disaster & General Practice in the spotlight @#GP20Connect with key speakers: Dr Penny Burns, Professor Michael Kiss AM FAHMS, Dr Mukesh Haikerwal & presenter Dr Larissa Roeske.

We heard about:

  • The integration of Primary Healthcare Professionals in disaster healthcare.

  • What is the definition of a disaster?

  • General Practitioners on the ground when disaster strikes- how GPs are emerging as ground zero responders.

  • The vital contribution that General Practitioners made to the healthcare response during the Christchurch earthquake, tsunami in Japan, bushfires across Victoria and NSW and the COVID-19 pandemic.

The key messages from the panel on what we can do to be best prepared for health or natural disasters:

  • Data collection, documentation management & information integrity.

  • Keeping a log of your broader set of observations that you have made through the pandemic.

  • Advocating for the wider Primary Healthcare community to ensure information is made accessible when required.

  • Ensuring adequate support is given to General practitioners in times of disaster.

  • Embed research into the PHC response, have the support of the universities so we are building on existing knowledge.

  • Have active General Practice voices in the state public health units, PHNs and colleges.

For further discussion connect with Rachele Sinclair (02) 8877 8736 or rasinclair@hpgconnect.com

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