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MAPS webinar: “External Stakeholder Engagement”

​The topic of the latest MAPS webinar is “External Stakeholder Engagement”.

 Key insights from the Panel Discussion included:

“External engagement is a centre pin for Field Medical”

“Different healthcare professionals perceive different levels of value from the MSL”

“MSL value is the deep understanding of their field and this is what HCP are expecting”

“Top medical experts have a deep understanding of the role of the MSL”

“Medical brings value to HCPs by assisting with their education and facilitating scientific exchanges”

“HCPs recognise the difference between MSLs and sales reps”

“Doctors know the value of scientific exchange”

“It’s not just about the scientific exchange – it’s about the relationship”

“Building relationships is hard virtually…and need face-to-face meetings”

“Virtual meetings cannot replace face-to-face because the human trust is not there”

“For new MSLs not being able to visit the KOL is a challenge; for senior MSLs already with a relationship, it’s easier”

“Some areas (immunology) are more receptive because they want to know about COVID and immunological responses”

“Involve HCPs to assist with the organisation of medical meetings, webinars, podcasts”

“Peer learning and sharing tips is important to learn new ways to engage"

“It’s about building trust and minimising product-related discussions”

“Take a holistic view and invite different members of Medical to visit an HCP”

“The role of the MSL involves going wider than HCPs to address educational needs; and with virtual meetings the potential is there”

“Virtual meetings involve a lot more pre-work and facilitated discussions”

“Keep them to 90 minutes to keep people engaged”

“Pick the right topics and the right presenters”

"Measuring effectiveness in a virtual world can involve surveys, and evaluating HCP behaviour change ie measuring the impact"


Thanks to the panelists:

Matthew Britland

Greta James

Noriko Hirao

Dongyeol Lee

Claire Lei



HPG (Healthcare Professionals Group)


Sydney (02) 8877 8777

Melbourne (03) 9938 7100


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