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Health Service Barriers for Refugee Women

This session highlighted the health service barriers for refugee women and explored women’s ideas for effective health screening programs.

It was quite alarming to hear that almost half of the women in this study had never had any kind of breast or cervical screening before. There are a few reasons for this, with the main being “no symptoms, no check-up”, as well as a lack of education, cultural motivations and no interpreter being available.

Here in Australia, we are taught from young adulthood that breast and cervical screening, regardless of symptoms, are paramount in the early detection and treatment of cancers and abnormalities in cells.

It is so essential for GPs to be offering these services to all women, and to educate around the importance of attending regular check-ups. Providing a supportive and educational environment will ensure that this knowledge is spread throughout the community and passed down to younger generations, changing the idea that one needs to be feeling unwell before they see a GP.

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