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From Tele-health to Virtual care

​From Tele-health to Virtual care is the topic of discussion during GP20. COVID has certainly forced change in General Practice, particularly with regards tele-health. Previously in the domain of rural and remote medicine, telehealth has become common practice.

Data presented from the University of Queensland showed that in September 2020 there were:

  • 16.7 million MBS consultations.

  • 4.8 million (28.5%) of these were telehealth consultations

  • 4.4 million (91.8%) were by phone and 388,000 (98.2%) by video.

  • The total number of telehealth consultations since COVID (March-September 2020) was 32.2 million


2021 – what’s next:

More GPs and practices will embrace technology and digitisation.

Virtual care is a step beyond tele-health. It involves using a range of digital tools to proactively assess the risk of illness; personalising health and wellness programs and linking patients to specialist call centres.

The pandemic has seen many consumers embracing tele-health, and General Practices will need to further adopt digital technologies to meet patient demands as they move towards a Virtual care model.


Thanks to Donna vonBlanckensee, Managing Director Hello Health Australia


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