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The impacts of COVID on the Global Supply Chain

Session 5 of MedTech20 discussed the impacts of COVID on the Global Supply Chain.

Key points were:

MedTech companies in Australia are highly dependent on access to well-functioning global supply chains to ensure cost-effective and timely delivery of medical products.

Supply chain has an obligation to ensure high quality and sustainable processes and this requires diversity of thought; the embracing of digital (AI and analytics) and the adoption of real-time communication.

Agility, flexibility, resilience and responsiveness are essential in order to de-risk supply chain interruptions; as is having an integrated, networked, customer-focused approach.

Industry continues to innovate supply chain processes as it responds to the COVID pandemic eg digital technologies and platforms.

In the future Australia will still rely on global supply chains whilst developing innovative sovereign capabilities via local partnerships (eg 3D manufacturing).


Thanks to the speakers: Susan Martin, Kathryn Wengel, Andrew Frye, Serge Bernasconi, Maurice Ben-Mayor