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Sustainability Solutions for MedTech

​Session 3, Day 3 MedTech20: Sustainability Solutions for MedTech

This session discussed the latest advancements in waste reduction and outlining innovative environmental solutions for the MedTech sector.

The triple bottom line framework was discussed, which includes:

1. Environmental: How are we affecting the environment?; What can we do to reduce waste?

2. Social: How are we affecting the social well-being of the communities where we operate?; How are we improving the well-being of stakeholders?

3. Economical: Are we driving sustainable economically feasible products and innovative products to the market?; Are we re-investing into and improving industries in which we play?

Examples of outcomes which can be measured include:

1.      Environmental: Reducing number of sterile barrier systems and requirements; compatible coatings for more sustainable sterilisation modalities; designs that keep products safe and secure.

2.      Social: Improving outcomes of patients; providing packaging that is safe, reliable and aseptically presentable; providing employees with training, development and career opportunities; and participating in community events.

3.      Economical: Reduced transportation expenses; improved yield from sterilisation, designs that improve overall utilisation; reduction in packaging size and thus cost.

Thanks to the speakers: Aldin Velic, Paul Clark, Rebecca Cortiula