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Presentation by Carmen Rechbauer, Chief Executive Officer, Healthshare NSW

​Carmen Rechbauer, Chief Executive Officer, Healthshare NSW was the keynote speaker at Session 1, Day 2 of MedTech20.

Key topics covered included:

Healthshare NSW is responsible for the procurement of medical devices for the public sector in NSW.

The Health Cluster Reform program includes a review of the framework and organisational structure to improve and clarify roles and responsibilities; to develop a holistic strategy to govern the procurement and use of pharmaceuticals; and supply chain and logistics reform to provide greater visibility and control of consumables supply chain.

Key projects have included: Definition of eligible customers aligned to the Master Deed; continuous best pricing taking a collaborative approach; and a commitment to improve two-way communication.

The 4 year strategic plan of Healthcare involves 3 pillars:

1. Open Dialogue (collaborative engagement approach with suppliers).

2. Industry Engagement (opportunities for industry to contribute to future reforms).

3. Improved Communication (responsive and proactive communication with suppliers).


Thanks to the speakers: Carmen Rechbauer, Daniel Kildea