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​MedTech20: The Perfect Storm: Getting Through COVID-19.

​MedTech20: The Perfect Storm: Getting Through COVID-19. Industry leaders share their insights...

COVID disrupted access to healthcare services and supply chain operations. Business continuity, managing uncertainty and maintaining team connectivity were key areas of focus for MedTech companies.

The COVID pandemic is on-going and this continues to have a significant human impact. Transparency and collaboration are essential attributes to manage in the current environment.

COVID has been the catalyst for reviewing and increasing Australian manufacturing capabilities, focusing on innovation.

Cooperation and collaboration with Government has been essential in ensuring the local manufacturing of ventilators and for ensuring the continuity of supply of critical treatments.

COVID has accelerated the digital transformation of the training and education needed to remotely support customers.

Key learnings from COVID shared included: "enhanced collaboration delivers superior results" ie "we have a common Why".


Thanks to the speakers: Peter Meikle, Michelle Stewart, Jefferson Harcourt, Annie Arnett, James Doyle, Rozalina Sarkezians