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Diversity & Inclusion 

​Session 6, Day 3 MedTech20: Diversity & Inclusion 

During this session we heard from Liz Wilson, founder of The Inclusive Organisation, and an expert in organizational transformation and behavior change; and where “her mission is to create a world where everyone is included regardless of their perceived differences”

Business-As-Usual Inclusion is The Inclusive Organization’s proprietary methodology and is used to transform organizations into places where diversity thrives at the same time as business thrives.

“Inclusion design involves creating better solutions so that all people benefit”

Think about: “How can you leverage your privilege (whether it’s how you are identified, or how senior you are, or what your role is) to ensure that the specific needs of everyone is integrated into decision-making”, and by doing this you will be creating a world where everyone is included.

Thanks to the speakers: Liz Wilson, Lauren Barber