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Could Data be your Super Power?

​Day 3 MedTech20: Could Data be your Super Power?

Data, if used in the right way, can transform businesses. Today, we have much more access to real-time data and this can be used to advance health outcomes.

Key points include:

“Big data is data that contains greater variety, and arriving in increasing volumes, with ever higher velocity”

Big data is useful when the right questions are asked.

1. What is your business trying to do?

2. What problems are you trying to solve?

3. How can the data help you solve the problems?

4. What data do you have?

5. What data do you need to help solve the problems? 6. How do you complement your data with humans to identify and remove bias?

There are many internal and external data sets to access, including open data sets from government. This data can be used to make better and more efficient decisions and to deliver actionable insights, which bring business benefits.

Data is a therefore a critical asset. Knowing what to do with your data means the difference between moving ahead of the competition or
falling behind.

Thanks to the speakers: Salem Lassoued, Liz Carnabuci