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“What makes a Super Clinic an attractive option for a dentist?”

We asked the question: “What makes a Super Clinic an attractive option for a dentist?”

Here’s what we heard:


“It is a very positive experience”

“I like that there is a network of medical professionals within the practice. A lot of dental conditions are caused by pre-existing medical conditions so it is great to have GPs and imaging under one roof for x-rays, referrals, and check-ups”.

“GPs are able to refer patients to me and I’m able to reciprocate by sometimes referring patients for follow ups”

“I love working in a super clinic”.

“It’s great to be able to network with GPs and other medical professionals. I find it very interesting when discussing possible correlations between existing health conditions and the mouth”.

“A super clinic can offer me long-term stability and I can grow with it”.

“I don’t have to spend many hours looking after the business/operational side because there’s management and administration support, and this allows for more quality time with my young family”.

“A long-term position in a super clinic provides support from management who are knowledgeable around guidelines and legislation”.

“I can get to know my colleagues and am able to cross-refer and build positive relationships within the clinic”

“I get access to very spacious dental rooms and state-of-the-art equipment”.

“The corporate structure of the business allows me to order the equipment I need for procedures in a timely manner which keeps my patients happy as they are able to get urgent matters seen to within a matter of days”


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