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​Webinar: COVID19 vaccine trials in Australia

COVID19 vaccine trials in Australia was a main discussion point during today’s Medicine Australia’s PharmAus20 conference.

Key points:

Rather than the traditional timeframe being linear and staged, COVID trials use an accelerated timeframe which is condensed and stacked ie clinical phases run concurrently; manufacturing is scaled without certainty; and regulatory and distribution plans expedited.

Australia has been actively involved in COVID vaccine trials. There’s been 3 trials: with first doses administered 26 May, 13 July and 1 September, with numerous other vaccine/therapy trials planned. Although timelines are fast no important steps are missed.

Australia is an attractive place to undertake clinical research because of our excellent healthcare system; well-coordinated delivery of care; established clinical trial networks; and the infrastructure to further build expertise & capability. Best practice includes the embedding of clinical trials into standard clinical practice and increasing consumer involvement and engagement in clinical trials.

Thank you to the speakers: Elizabeth de Somer, Lorraine Chiroiu, John Zalcberg, Paul Griffin, Dominic Wall and Robert Grenfell