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Has COVID delayed your exam dates?

Has COVID delayed your exam dates? Here’s some tips to stay in the ‘zone’...


Preparing for exams is a process. The date is set at some stage in the future. You know that there’s lots of material to memorise and practical examinations to perfect.

You have a plan and are progressing through your timelines, making sure that you’re in the right frame of mind for ‘the day’. You need to cover everything, yet you don’t want to peak too early, otherwise you will start to go stale and lose focus.

What do you do when you hear that your exam date has changed?

Here’s some advice:

“Acknowledge that everyone is in the same position. Accept it and start to refocus on a new date”. 

“Firstly, give yourself a mini-break - it’s important to separate what you’ve been doing to what you need to do now that the dates have changed. You can't just continue studying at an accelerated pace because you’ll burn out. After you mini-break quickly review the work that you’ve already done so your momentum continues.”

“Change your plan. Look at your previous study plan and now create a new one. Break it down into the remaining days, weeks and months”.

“Check to see if anything else is likely to change. Find out whether it will be face-to-face or virtual. It makes a big difference to how you plan for peak

“Talk to your colleagues. Ask them what they’re doing. If you find yourself becoming overwhelmed by the changes seek professional help”. 

“Set up a regular study group via Zoom to share ideas, ask questions, and to stay in touch.”

“If you start to lose focus and find yourself looking at Social Media, turn your phone off, at least for a one hour block”.

“Look after yourself. Eat well, sleep well and get some exercise”.

“Remain flexible and have an open mind. The dates may change again. Or the exam format may change at the last minute. Accept any changes by focusing on what’s important, that is, passing the exams and doing your best. Don’t use any energy by thinking negatively about something that you can’t control”

“Remain positive and enjoy the journey. Studying is fun, you’re learning new material that’s interesting and worthwhile.”