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​"A Flexible Workplace during a Pandemic and Beyond"

"A Flexible Workplace during a Pandemic and Beyond" was the discussion topic at today’s MTAA webinar. Key points:

COVID-19 has brought unprecedented workplace changes, which have necessitated agility and adaptability.

Our new working environment requires the skills of emotional intelligence, empathy, learning agility, and trust, with clear and transparent communication – all to facilitate engagement and a sense of belongingness.

Connectivity is vital as it drives resilience and retention. Eg virtual Mind Body Soul sessions, yoga, exercise, cooking classes, trivia, concerts and total wellness programs – all centered around having a healthy work/life integration.

Flexibility is the new normal. Organizations are experimenting with different working approaches eg staggered working hours, working different days, working from remote locations and job sharing.

The pandemic has propelled MedTech 5 years into the future and this is resulting in new roles (especially around customer-facing and customer-experience strategies) being created.