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Webinar: “The future of AI in healthcare and pharma”

“The future of AI in healthcare and pharma” is the topic of this afternoon’s APPA meeting.

Michelle Gallaher is presenting and the key messages are:

1. Data within any healthcare system is largely unstructured, incomplete, imperfect and underused.

2. With the growth of apps and wearables people leave ‘data crumbs’ that tell a story; AI then makes sense of this vast data.

3. Data management in healthcare is entering a new phase, moving beyond storing data to extracting insights which can be implemented in clinical practice and monetised.

4. The digital transformation of healthcare has resulted in changing care and health economics models; emerging business models; changes in the regulatory and legislative environment; the development of Data-as-a-platform (DaaP) that extracts insights from data; and the growth of predictive and data analytics technologies.

5. AI and predictive analytics is being used to improve the operational efficiency of clinical trials, thus reducing the risk of clinical trial failure, saving time and money.

6. A major discussion topic centres around governance frameworks for data management in healthcare.