The New Competencies required for Medical Affairs to excel in the New Environment

Key points from the Webinar:


  1. Managing individual performance remotely involves being ‘virtually present’; efficient scheduling with video where possible; and thorough well-structured preparation.

  2. Virtual leadership requires strong connectivity; a shared vision; establishing trust; being well organised; offering both professional and personal support; mastering the matrix; using compassionate communication; modeling behaviour; being open to learning; empathising every day; and scheduling regular catch-ups.

  3. Effective team engagement in the virtual space requires empathy, flexibility, respect, and compassion as well as providing psychological and logistical support.

  4. Trust and accountability are essential. Have defined goals, expectations, roles and responsibilities; encourage constructive conflict and celebrate success and learn from failures.

  5. Engagement of KOLs virtually requires agility and collaboration; the use of audience-specific platforms; adaptation to evolving HCP and patient needs; and an overarching digital strategy.

Notes from a Webinar presented by the Medical Affairs Professional Society (MAPS).