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Webinar: Aspirations in Medical Affairs

Advice for success from 3 Medical Affairs professionals.

At this evening's APPA Australia meeting we heard from Alexander Condoleon, Sarah Clark and Tony Bourke share their experience and insights into what is required for success.

Key points from the speakers…

1. “Seek out mentors and learn from your networks”

2. “Embrace coaching to enhance your professional skills”

3. “Seek out feedback and guidance”

4. “Reach out to people for advice”

5. “Develop assertive leadership skills”

6. “Embrace how digital technology is enhancing healthcare”

7. “Deliver high quality results consistently”

8. “Be seen as someone who always does a great job”

9. “Identify skills and experience development needs and work towards building personal expertise”

10. “Adaptability is key”

11. “Persevere and be determined”

12. “Work on impactful projects, ones that will move the organisation forward”

13. “Corporate politics is a learnable skill that requires mastering via mentors”

14. “Develop skills to inspire and influence people”

15. “Develop a shared learning mindset”

16. “Emotional Intelligence is a key skill for success”