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How do you build an action-orientated team?

Digital is transforming healthcare and it’s transforming it at an accelerating pace. 

Everyday we are hearing about new digital products and new digital services. So, in this fast-moving digital healthcare sector Action Orientation is a key skill.

So how do you build an action-oriented team, where everyone is full of energy and able to seize opportunities as they arise?

It starts with the interview process and making sure you employ action-oriented people.

Central to this is asking the right questions and then probing eg:

“Tell me about your ideal working environment” and then listening to ‘action’ words: eg busy, high performance, results-focused, high energy. 

Then probing further, eg:

  • "What does ‘high energy’ mean to you?"

  • "What motivates you to be in a high energy environment?"

  • "Where does that motivation come from?"

And that is the most useful answer, because it’s at the core of how someone will react in future situations. It’s in their psychological DNA. 

To employ action-orientated people, people who will excel in the fast-moving digital world, you will want to know that they are truly motivated to respond quickly.