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Gift Yourself A Contractor This Holiday Season!

"A contractor can really add value and relieve pressure within a team."

​Find out here how we can help you this holiday season!

We've got you covered with all things contracting!

Our consultants and HPG will give you peace of mind as we will handle:

🎄 Payroll
🎄 Superannuation
🎄 Insurance
🎄Reference Check

🎄 HPG are a preferred provider of payroll and human resource management services to over 50 healthcare organisations;

 ✅ Having filled over 6000 roles with contractors we understand that contingent
workers are attractive to organisations because they offer access to a broad range of
specialised skills, on as as-needed basis or for long term projects.

🎄 Our infrastructure can provide a rapid turnaround for immediate contracting needs

✅ Full recruitment activity from job brief to filling the contract assignment, as well as
induction and contract management

🎄 We think laterally whilst providing contractors, thus ensuring that you have people with the right skill set to complete the job that is required