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#20 Emily Casey | What The Health!

What The Health is going on? 

The world we know is constantly changing and that too is the same when it comes to our healthcare industry. 

Technology in healthcare and our access to information is right at our fingertips. We are now, more than ever, able to research and learn things about our bodies and the medical industry that we could not have 10, 15 or 20 years ago.

But what can we do better? How can we improve communication across all sectors?

Emily Casey, Founder of What The Health! and a Venture Capitalist, gives us an insight into the world of HealthTech! We even cover her unorthodox career path and why she chose the path that she did. 

Listen to the Full Episode Right here:

SoundCloud - https://hpg.jobs/3cB8c8Q
Apple Podcast - https://hpg.jobs/3PFTdJD