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HPG Quiz Week 49 - Lupus

Test your knowledge with this week's HPG Quiz!​

Q1- Lupus is a disease that often strikes young women of childbearing age which can cause exhaustion, depression, anxiety, joint and muscle pain. Which celebrity was not able to perform due to depression and anxiety related to lupus?

Q2 - Lupus affects over 20,000 people in Australia. What parentage of people whom suffer from lupus find their skin gets worse by sun exposure?

Q3 - After years of research and study. What have doctors found is the reason or cause of lupus?

Q4 - Lupus can have many side effects and cause your body to develop other diseases. What diseases or side effect does lupus increase the risk of?

Q5 - Systemic lupus erythematosus, or lupus, is a chronic:

Q6 - When can lupus symptoms typically start?