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HPG Quiz Week 47 - Psychiatry

​Test your knowledge on this week's HPG Quiz

Q1 - Bipolar Disorder is one of the many mental illnesses that a psychiatrist has to treat. What is one of themost commonly used mood stabiliser prescribed for the condition?

Q2 - The cause of borderline personality disorder isn't well understood. But from the options below which 2 are considered symptoms?

Q3 - Anosognosia is a person's inability to accept they have a condition. In which disorder is it most prevalent?

Q4 - What is the Psychiatry true definition of a PSYCHOPATH?

Q5 - Leading Psychiatrists treat patients with personality disorders. When do patients usually experience behavioural issues?

Q6 - Psychiatrists focus on the chemical imbalances in the brain.What causes a person to havea chemical imbalance in the brain?