​If someone who knows me was to describe me, they would say I am a social butterfly with a penchant to help people.

I am a motivated professional who has had a successful record as a Human Resource Officer and Recruitment Specialist for 5 years. I have shown leadership skills throughout academic and professional life as well as demonstrated ability to easily transcend cultural differences.

Recruitment today is so much more than just sifting through Resumes. Networking and the ability to make and maintain positive relationships with candidates and stakeholders alike; is so important in this day and age. Sourcing gives me an opportunity to not only meet potential candidates but help them achieve their dreams and finding the best fit for the organization looking to hire them. This gives me a great sense of purpose and satisfaction. With my excellent interpersonal skills and my academic background in marketing and IT; I feel right at home.

I am an insightful recruiter who has had recruitment experience in a wide array of industries. From FMCG to technology, I have hired people from all across the world and helped find them jobs they are passionate about. I have grown my skills in full cycle recruiting, Strategic Sourcing and assisted in talent development.

As a mum of two beautiful kids, I am a very active member of my local community with frequently organizing meet ups and events. I also run a local playgroup as well as Volunteer for a special needs swim club in the capacity of club coordinator.

When I am not working or looking after kids, I love to unwind myself with a book or watch a game of cricket.